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  • RSJ Machining is owned and operated by Richard S. Jones. We are continuously trying to expand and further develop our services to cater to the needs of our customers. We have been a leading competitor in providing exceptional customer service and product quality in the machining industry.
  • Our company has been instilled by our dedication to maintaining the best possible standards of excellence in all aspect of our services. With the accessibility of our diverse technology, range of equipment and extensive experience, we aim to satisfy the growing demands of our customers with superior quality products, shortest lead times, accurate finishing and overall customer satisfaction.
  • RSJ Machining has been known to provide some of the best quality work in the machining industry in California. Please feel free to contact us for a Quote today!

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Customer satisfaction and overall convenience is imperative to keeping RSJ Machining at its highest standards. From the conception of the design to the delivery of the final product, we will provide any and all aspects needed for our customer’s satisfaction.

Quoting – The process begins with an initial consultation with one of our representatives for a submission of your blueprint specifications via phone, email or in person.  Note that we accept electronic files written on any of the major CAD/CAM programs. Then we will quote the job and include lead times. 

Material – Material is purchased and a detailed job plan is developed for production.

Manufacturing – With over 30 years of manufacturing experience and highly knowledgeable staff, we offer specialized machine services to derive any intricate designs desired.

Inspection – All finished parts are inspected and analyzed by our highly experience staff in a temperature-controlled inspection room with our wide range of equipment at every level of the process.

Clean / Assembly – The part is deburred and prepared for final process.

Our Class100 Cleanroom ensures that our assembly process will be controlled of contamination that may adversely affect the manufacturing process.

Then the part goes out for plating, lapping, painting and additional cleaning if required.

Packaging Distribution – The part is checked one final time to ensure tight tolerances and we can carefully package and distribute the parts to the necessary facilities and locations for the conveniences of our customers.


  1. Prototype Production
  2. Plastic to Metal, Copper to Steel, we can do it all!
  3. Toleranes up to +/- 0.0005”
  4. 2x Shift Production Runs
  5. 3D computer aided design software
  6. Advanced State of the Art Precision CNC Machining Facility.
  7. Complete control of projects, giving you one-on-one support throughout the process.
  8. Clear communications readily available at all times.